Our fertilization program is completed by our state licensed employees in six steps throughout the year with the option of adding nutsedge control.

Step 1: Pre-emergent: Weed preventer plus slow release fertilizer

This is your crabgrass and weed preventer with a fertilizer that lasts 3-5 months depending how fast it breaks down with precipitation.  Applied around mid-March.

Step 2: Liquid broadleaf weed killer

This will eliminate clover, dandelions, and other broadleaf weeds.  Applied in mid to late-April.

Step 3: Grub control plus fertilizer

This will eliminate any grubs you may have.  Your lawn is more susceptible to grubs if it is regularly irrigated and shaded.  Applied between late-May and mid-June.

Step 4: Liquid broadleaf weed killer

This is another broadleaf weed treatment to eliminate late spring weeds, to kill the weeds that germinated since the last treatment.  Applied in June.

(Optional): Nutsedge Control 

We will treat when the nutsedge is young and actively growing typically in JuneHowever, it may take several years and  repeat applications to kill all the nutsedge due to its form of reproduction.  Nutsedge reproduces by tubers (nutlets) underground, which can survive in the soil for up to three years. Until these are gone there will be nutsedge.  One application per year is recommended if you have this “weed grass” but you can choose to have us treat more than once per year to speed the process of eliminating it from the yard.

Step 5: Fall slow release fertilizer

This is a fertilizer that helps repair your grass and root system from the harsh heat of the summer.  It also gives the grass plant nutrients that will be stored on its root system for the next time the grass is stressed.  Applied between late August and early September.

Step 6: Winterizer

This fertilizer will help give your grass the needed nutrients to grow its root system during the winter months.  Applied in late-November.

Words From Our Clients

  • Great service, fast, and caring. Been with Ritzel for 4 years now.

    Phil Penrod
  • Ritzel Lawn Care has been doing the lawn maintenance for our homeowners association for the past several years.  They are a hard working crew of guys that really do a great job.  He is very reasonably priced and works well with all the homeowners.  I would not hesitate to use him in the future.  Great Company!

    Sandra Smith
  • This is a good group of guys, I'll refer them anytime I'm too busy to take on a new customer.

    Christian Shaw
  • Ritzel provides top notch service. After trying several other regional/national services, we’ve settled with, and will continue to do business with Ritzel. Honest, reliable, and our lawn looks better than ever.

    Jeff Blevins
  • I have been a customer of Ritzel Lawn Care for four years. I tried other lawn care companies but they are not as courteous and professional as the Ritzel Lawn Care team. I have received compliments on my lawn and landscaping from relatives and friends and acquaintances. I am well pleased with the quality and performance of the Ritzel Lawn Care team and will continue being a customer.

  • I have been lucky enough to Find Ritzel Lawn Care for help over the past 11 years. I have a corner lot and get tons of compliments on my Landscaping and follow up care. My neighbors tell me I have the nicest yard in the area. Thanks Matthew for you constant attention.

    Rebecca Cordes

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