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Rebecca Cordes

I have been lucky enough to Find Ritzel Lawn Care for help over the past 11 years. I have a corner lot and get tons of compliments on my Landscaping and follow up care. My neighbors tell me I have the nicest yard in the area. Thanks Matthew for you constant attention. 

Phil Penrod

Great service, fast, and caring. Been with Ritzel for 4 years now.

Sandra Smith

Ritzel Lawn Care has been doing the lawn maintenance for our homeowners association for the past several years. They are a hard working crew of guys that really do a great job. He is very reasonably priced and works well with all the homeowners. I would not hesitate to use him in the future. Great Company!

Christian Shaw

This is a good group of guys, I'll refer them anytime I'm too busy to take on a new customer.

Jeff Blevins

Ritzel provides top notch service. After trying several other regional/national services, we’ve settled with, and will continue to do business with Ritzel. Honest, reliable, and our lawn looks better than ever. 


I have been a customer of Ritzel Lawn Care for four years. I tried other lawn care companies but they are not as courteous and professional as the Ritzel Lawn Care team. I have received compliments on my lawn and landscaping from relatives and friends and acquaintances. I am well pleased with the quality and performance of the Ritzel Lawn Care team and will continue being a customer.