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Keep your curb appeal up with proper lawn maintenance. At Ritzel Lawn Care, we work with you to determine the best lawn maintenance plan for your yard, at an affordable price..

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We know how to properly maintain and care for your lawn. Take your weekends back and let Ritzel Lawn Care keep your lawn looking healthy all season long.



A regular lawn fertilizing schedule is required if you want a great-looking lawn year after year. Ritzel Lawn Care knows the best times to fertilize to keep your grass lush and dense.

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Lawn Weed Control

Eliminate weeds in your lawn and prevent their return by maintaining healthy grass. Ritzel Lawn Care has the right strategy to simplify weed control and reduce unwanted vegetation.


Driveway & Landscape Bed Weed Control

Prevent weeds in driveways, patios and other hardscapes with the proper installation and maintenance. We know the right combination of weed control methods to keep your driveways and landscape beds clear of unwanted weeds.

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Mulch not only looks great, but retains soil moisture, regulates soil temperature and suppresses weed growth. We’ve been mulching gardens for years, and have the knowledge and expertise you need to create the perfect garden.


Shrub Trimming & Removal

Proper shrub pruning promotes healthy growth for plants and creates an attractive landscape. Our professional trimming service gives shrubs the healthy, thick foliage you’ve been looking for. We also remove shrubs as necessary or requested.

Lawn Services

Spring and Fall Cleanups

Removing the leaves and sticks from your yard can be time consuming and tiring. Let Ritzel Lawn Care do the work. Our spring & fall clean-up services involve clearing away leaves, branches, and clutter, while sprucing up the yard.


Core Aeration

Core aeration is the cure for soil compaction in lawns. If your lawn was attacked by fungus, insects, or animals this year, core aeration and seeding may help. Call us today to discuss your yard and our aeration services.



Wet spots in your yard are a nuisance and an eye sore. We have the experience to fix and prevent common lawn drainage issues and dry out your soggy yard.

Lawn Tips


Watering can bring your lawn out of dormancy, however if not done right can cause more damage.  If you choose to water, do so very early in the morning before the sun and wind become stronger and more direct.  Also, watering less frequently and deep (high water volume) is better than frequently and shallow (low water volume).  If you step on your grass and the blades don’t spring back up, your grass needs watering.



Raising the mower deck to three inches by checking the grass height with a ruler versus going by the mower gauge will help make a less stressful micro climate in your lawn.  This keeps the grass healthier by creating cooler soil temperatures and less evaporation of crucial water due to the increased shading of the soil.  Higher mowing also allows your grass to concentrate on a deeper root system rather than trying to quickly replace the grass blades that have been cut off.  Another tip for mowing is the 1/3 rule; never cut off more than 1/3 of the new growth at a time.  You want to avoid cutting more than a third due to the increased stress put on the grass.  Also, changing the direction of mowing will provide a more even cut.  Grass blades will grow more erect and less likely to develop into a set pattern.  Homeowners should expect to sharpen their mower blades several times during the mowing season or if you let us mow your lawn we sharpen the blades on our primary mowers daily.

Words from our clients

  • Great service, fast, and caring. Been with Ritzel for 4 years now.

    Phil Penrod
  • Ritzel Lawn Care has been doing the lawn maintenance for our homeowners association for the past several years.  They are a hard working crew of guys that really do a great job.  He is very reasonably priced and works well with all the homeowners.  I would not hesitate to use him in the future.  Great Company!

    Sandra Smith
  • This is a good group of guys, I'll refer them anytime I'm too busy to take on a new customer.

    Christian Shaw
  • Ritzel provides top notch service. After trying several other regional/national services, we’ve settled with, and will continue to do business with Ritzel. Honest, reliable, and our lawn looks better than ever.

    Jeff Blevins
  • I have been a customer of Ritzel Lawn Care for four years. I tried other lawn care companies but they are not as courteous and professional as the Ritzel Lawn Care team. I have received compliments on my lawn and landscaping from relatives and friends and acquaintances. I am well pleased with the quality and performance of the Ritzel Lawn Care team and will continue being a customer.

  • I have been lucky enough to Find Ritzel Lawn Care for help over the past 11 years. I have a corner lot and get tons of compliments on my Landscaping and follow up care. My neighbors tell me I have the nicest yard in the area. Thanks Matthew for you constant attention.

    Rebecca Cordes

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